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Selling Your Denver Home

Today, the Denver real estate market is continuing to show signs of improvement. Many local sellers are even getting multiple offers on their home. Having a qualified, local real estate professional on your team will ensure that you get the highest price possible for your home.  At, we know the local market and have been licensed Realtors since 2004, helping both buyers and sellers in the Denver area. Our listing/selling process and our unique, seller-focused marketing plan have been very effective in getting homes sold fast.

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Listing/Selling Process

We will do an extensive review of your property to help you get your home prepared before listing it on the market, including:

  • Performing thorough exterior and interior inspections.
  • Providing advice and referrals to get needed repairs completed.
  • Staging your home for viewings and open houses.
  • Determining the best listing price for your home.
  • Marketing your listing both online and offline.
  • Following up with potential buyers and other local Realtors.
  • Negotiating your interesting offers.
  • Monitoring and removing contingencies.

Marketing Plan

As your Denver Realtors, We have three main professional goals:

  1. Sell your home for the highest price possible.
  2. Sell your home is shortest amount of time possible.
  3. Sell your home with the least amount of stress.

Our goals are the reason we've created a unique, seller-focused marketing plan. These are just some of the great benefits you'll receive after selecting us as your listing agent:

  • Comparative Market Analysis – As a real estate experts, we will perform a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help you determine what your home's list price should be. We will also help you understand just how much you're likely to get for the sale of your home by providing a net proceeds worksheet based on the most likely sales price, closing cost and your current loan amount.
  • Home-Staging Report – Many sellers have become so comfortable in their homes over the years that they've learned to overlook the flaws that others see plainly. We will provide you with a home-staging report, detailing my staging recommendations to ensure that your home is ready for interested, qualified buyers.
  • Photography – As Realtors, we know the key points of your home that should be highlighted online and in your home's marketing material. We will take numerous, high-quality photos to help market your home for online advertising, fliers, and brochures.
  • MLS and Internet Marketing – Your listing will be featured on the official MLS site, giving other agents access to your listing for their buyers. We will also market your home on various popular real estate sales sites such as,,, and